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Vintage 2012

2012, a capricious vintage…

The weather of the year 2012 has been exceptionally difficult for the winemakers.

Spring has been too cold for vineyard blooming, hail of June has reduced the production of several plots and the month of July too rainy has been favorable for the diseases.

Despite of the sunny end summer, harvest time conditions have been difficult too.

The consequences of the climatic riskiness have been the small quantity of grapes harvested; 50% less compare to the previous year. Nevertheless the quality is surprising and sticks perfectly to the typical Jasnières. We have dry and fruity white wine highlighted by floral and grapefruit aromas.



Dry white wine, mineral and floral, Jasnières 2012 is very typical of the AOC because notes of "pierre à fusil" are present, white floral and grapefruit too. Aged few months, this wine will be more supple and long in mouth with more fruity notes. It matches very well with appetizers, fishes and seafood.


JASNIERES  2013  "Cuvée St Vincent"

Thanks to the sun shining September we could realized a selection by hand of our most ripen grapes. Cuvée St Vincent 2012 has exotic and candied fruits aromas. Round and balanced, it can be tasted in the year but can be aged as well. It can be served for the aperitif, with white meat or a goat cheese.



In 2011, thanks to the sun shinning September, we could make an “Exceptional Cuvée”, by selecting the most ripen grapes on our oldest vines. The selection of the grapes is made at the end of harvest time to get ripen and sweet fruits. Still young, the “Exceptional Cuvée” 2011 has white flower aromas and exotic fruits in mouth. These aromas will evolve years by years to get cooked fruits and honey notes. You will appreciate this wine after few years of aging in aperitif, with foie gras, blue cheese or with an apricot pie

This cuvee is a mellow wine melting in the mouth!



  • A surprising tasting with a spicy and peppery nose.
  • Red fruit aromas.
  • Roundness and suppleness thanks to its mixed grapes balance.
  • Grapes: Pineau d’Aunis (80%); Gamay, Côt, and Cabertnet franc (20%)
  • For Spring and Summer, wine matching with charcuteries, grilled meats, goat cheese and some fishes.



This year, the Coteaux du Loir rosé is light and mineral with some fruity notes. 100% Pineau d’Aunis, this rosé has a slightly spicy and peppery nose. This wine needs to be served chilled for Summer, it will go with appetizers, salads and grilled meats.
It is the ideal choice for barbecues.



Jasnières AOC ever since 1937, is exclusively a white wine produced in the Sarthe area, the Lhomme  and Ruillé sur Loir villages. The limestone basement contains cool, damp cellars where the wine is grown in optimal conditions.
It is made from Chenin, a very old Angevin grape. Particularly suited to the Jasnières region, it is the best expression of its wealth and power.
The very steep slopes on which these vines are planted offer a wonderful landscape.
Vinified in the best tradition, Jasnières presents its splendor in pale hues and green reflections. Dry, it has an amazing freshness that predisposes to long term aging. The longer kept the better improved it will be after several decades.
The golden tints are emphasized by honey and white flower perfumes.
Humid and warm winters of the Loir valley frequently facilitate the appearance of the botrytis, whose presence may contribute to developing great sweet wines.


Coteaux du Loir exists since 1948 and includes Red, White and Rosé wines produced in the Indre-et-Loire and Sarthe regions.
Red wines are made ​​from Pineau d'Aunis, Cabernet, Cot or Gamay, which may or may not be assembled.
Rosé wines, meanwhile, are mostly made from Pineau d'Aunis.
Pineau d'Aunis, Chenin ancestor, was born in the Middle Ages in the Saumurois au Prieuré d'Aunis area, around the Dampierre village. It continued to be cultivated mostly in the Loir Valley up to nowadays.
Bright and lively, this grape with clear ruby red hues combines peppery spicy bouquet odours with red fruits, raspberry and often cherry scents and flavors.
The quality of wines is growing with age depending on the vintage and type of winemaking.
The rosé wines are light, dominated by their fruit essence.

  • Paris General Contest (Concours Général de Paris):
    • Gold Medal: in 1991; in 1992; in 2001; in 2008
    • Bronze Medal: in 1994; in 1998; in 2002
    • Silver Medal: in 2006; in 2012
  • Lys Val de Loire Contest (Concours des Lys Val de Loire):
    • Silver Lys: in 2003
    • Gold Lys: in 2006
  • Ligeris Contest (Concours des Ligers): Vins de Loire Expo, held in Angers:
    • Bronze Ligers: in 2002; in 2003; in 2006
    • Gold Ligers: in 2004; in 2008
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